Monday, January 20, 2014

All the Pretty Pinwheels

I love pinwheels.
There is an innocence to pinwheels that takes me back to my grade school desk where I spent hours drawing pictures of my fantasy houses, writing letters in super secret code, and meticulously folding paper into fans and pinwheels.

And yet, there is an elegance to pinwheels.  
The power of a chic and suspiciously simple circle should not be underestimated.

I fashion my precious pinwheels out of any medium that works: Handmade specialty paper, tissue paper, pages from old books and magazines, and discarded fabric samples.

I don these spherical treasures all throughout my house.  
I hang them on the walls, around the windows, as ornaments; and I apply them as embellishments to lamps, gift baskets, and tin cans.   

And, though pinwheels may appear to be an elementary craft of childhood whimsy, they can be time-consuming and challenging to assemble.  Pinwheel mastery is a practice in patience; the potential undoing of the unsuspecting perfectionist.  
But lucky for you, we sell them in our shop!  

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Is There No End to the Fabulousness of Pallets?

My son, Elliott, recently turned three.  After months of watching him climb in and out of his crib, we decided a toddler bed might be in order.  So, you know what they say about necessity and invention…

I started by finding an appropriately sized shipping pallet 

I then dug through my many cans of paint #hoardinghasanupside to find possible color options

I didn't love the blue, so I went with a yellowish sample.  I used a sponge to apply the paint quickly over the sanded, but still rugged wood.  Once the paint was dry I securely attached four industrial wheels to the bottom of the pallet.

Finally, we placed the crib mattress on Elliott's new "platform" toddler bed.  Just in time for him to grow out of it.