Saturday, February 15, 2014

You're A Shoe-In

I LOVE vintage shoes!!  It is very hard for me to resist a beautiful pair of vintage shoes when Klee and I go out treasure hunting at estate sales and such.  And then I hoard them for a period of time before I convince myself to let them go and list them in our shop.  So the following are the my most recent contributions to the world of vintage fashion.
You're welcome.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Because Growing Tomatoes in A Tomato Cage is So Cliche

When we first moved into this home it was equipped with the typical 80's brass light fixtures.  I decided they had to go but I didn't have a suitable replacement.  After some garage scavenging and a few creative mishaps, this tomato cage pendant lamp came to life.    

Over the years it has morphed with the seasons: sparkling with shiny ornaments, displaying treasured postcards, and anchoring celebratory balloons and streamers.  We've grown to love our unique luminescent center piece. 

Klee has been encouraging me to make more tomato cage lamps for Entropy the Shop but the intimidation of the project has stunted my willingness to comply.  I can create elements for my home, but the prospect of making the same piece for someone else can be daunting.

Well, I finally decided to tame the beast.  Here she is…

 That was fun!  I think I'll make more.